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Stand-Up MRI Minnesota (MN) - Open MRI Midwest

Welcome to SUMA-MRI, the leader in midwest stand-up MRI technology. At SUMA-MRI we specialize in Open MRI, otherwise referred to as positional MRI, where you can be scanned while sitting, standing, leaning, bending and yes - even laying down; not to mention several other positions as well. SUMA MRI is an Accredited Facility by the American College of Radiology.

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Who Can Be Scanned at SUMA-MRI?

All patients have the right to be scanned at a center of their choosing. If your doctor has relationships with certain imaging centers, he may refer you only to them. Your doctor might not be familiar with the positional MRI and if so, please have them call SUMA-MRI at (877) 521-5001. It's your health and you have the right to demand the latest technology yielding the best scan results.

New MRI technology BREAKTHROUGH: There are only 100 open multi-positional MRI scanners in the world!

Scientific Research

Several scientific papers recently published in international radiology journals demonstrate the clinical benefits of the FONAR 0.6T Upright MRI.

SUMA v. Allstate: District Court Decision

Jesse Ventura speaks about SUMA MRI

SUMA MRI is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Participating Provider

Our Facility is ACR Accredited

SUMA-MRI is an American College of Radiology Accredited Facility

What does it mean to be Accredited by the American College of Radiology?

Patient Testimonials

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MRI News

Brain Injury: A case-control study of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia (Chiari) and head/neck trauma (whiplash).

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics: Lumbar Disk Protrusion Rates of Symptomatic Patients Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

American Family Physician: Radiologic Evaluation of Chronic Neck Pain.

SPINE: Missed Lumbar Disc Herniations Diagnosed with Kinetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

SUMA MRI is pleased to welcome our newest radiologist Dr. Marcos Harrera.

Drs Lodge/SUMA MRI hosts periodic educational seminars on a variety of medical topics. For more information contact SUMA MRI.

Drs Lodge is available for special events.

Dr's FYI

Our Dr's FYI section contains important information every doctor should know.

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