New cash price $600.00 Due to the number of patients with high deductibles on their health insurance, we are now offering a reduced MRI cash price for neutral scans.
Additional $150 for flexion / extension
   Board-Certified Radiologist report
   Images showing the problem areas
   Circles and arrows pointing them out
Includes: Patients may also use an HSA account for payment. New cash price

The SUMA Stand Up MRI:

 Non-claustrophobic patient friendly  Weight 490 lbs +  Drug-free & no associated risks  Watch TV during your scan!  Scans patients no other scanner can

Finds problems that other MRIs miss!

The SUMA Stand Up MRI
Traditional MRI

Traditional MRI:

 Claustrophobic  Weight-restricted  Drugs are necessary for children / anxiety  Very noisy And it won't always find what’s WRONG! Traditional MRI
Traditional recumbent MRI scan Traditional MRI scan: Patient lying down for scan
Lay-down MRI didn’t find a problem
Stand up MRI scan Stand-Up MRI scan: Patient sitting for scan
Stand up MRI found the problem!
Traditional MRI vs Stand-up MRI scan
Get an MRI scan sitting down Get an MRI scan while standing up Get an MRI for neck pain Virtually any position that causes you pain can be scanned Sitting Standing Bending Neck Scan in the position of pain to find the cause Stand up MRI scan positions


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Welcome to SUMA MRI, the Midwest’s leading center for diagnostic imaging. We specialize in Open Upright MRI, where you can be scanned while sitting, standing, leaning, bending and yes – even laying down; in addition to several other positions as well. SUMA MRI is an Accredited Facility by the American College of Radiology.

The doctors of SUMA MRI have helped many patients find injuries that traditional lay-down MRI scanners could miss. Our high-quality outpatient medical diagnostic imaging services allow our experts and your doctor to see the pain you feel. If your doctor has recommended you have an MRI for an injury, consider the Stand-Up MRI experts at SUMA MRI.

SUMA MRI is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Participating Provider

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Upright vs traditional MRI

What patients can SUMA MRI scan?

All patients have the right to choose an MRI center for their scan. If your doctor has relationships with certain diagnostic imaging centers, he may refer you only to them. Therefore, your doctor might not be familiar with the upright MRI and if so, please have them call SUMA MRI at (877) 521-5001. It’s your health and you have the right to demand the latest technology yielding the best scan results.

New MRI technology BREAKTHROUGH: There are only 100 open MRI scanners in the world!

Get your SCAN done in the position in which you feel pain. As a result, the machine and your Doctor can see the cause.

Watch TV while your diagnostic imaging scan is being done.

Very large non-tube-type, non-claustrophobic scanner – DRUG-FREE!

Patients up to 500 lbs.

SUMA MRI Patient Testimonials

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Why Use the Superior Upright™ MRI?

Plaintiff’s Attorney Matt Powell explains the difference between the SUMA stand-up MRI and the old traditional lay-down MRI. Visit

SUMA MRI is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Participating Provider