8 Reasons To Choose An Outpatient Imaging Center For Your MRI

Do you know the difference between hospitals and outpatient imaging centers when it comes to medical imaging exams? Patients often don’t realize¬†they have an option to get their imaging exam at an outpatient center instead of a hospital, or they don’t understand the difference. Not only can outpatient centers such as SUMA MRI save you time and money, but our state-of-the-art stand up MRI provides high-quality imaging with accurate results which a traditional lay-down MRI can miss.

8 Reasons Why MRI Patients Prefer Outpatient Imaging Centers [Infographic]

Infographic: 8 reasons MRI patients prefer outpatient imaging centers

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Here are eight things to consider when choosing where to have your MRI imaging exam:

1. MRI scans at outpatient centers take about 40-80 minutes

The advantage of our stand up MRI is that there is no tube surrounding you so the experience is much more comfortable during an extended scan. You can even watch TV while being scanned!

2. MRIs at imaging centers are more affordable than hospitals

In fact, according to a 2014 report by Money, an MRI at a hospital will typically cost two to three times more than at outpatient radiology centers.

We understand cost is an important factor in your decision to have an MRI and you may be wondering “how much does an MRI cost?” At SUMA, not only is our MRI less expensive than a hospital, our cash price MRI is often less expensive than your insurance deductible.

3. Imaging centers offer more scheduling options for appointments

Frequently hospitals do not have open appointments for days or weeks. Outpatient imaging centers often have same-day or next-day appointments. The outpatient experience is fast, with minimal wait times and no bumping your appointment to accommodate urgent cases. At SUMA, we offer many convenient appointment times. Schedule your appointment today!

4. Imaging Centers Send Results in 24 Hours

The MRI images are usually available within an hour of the scan. However, these images must be “read” or interpreted by a trained radiologist. Imaging centers can provide results of your scan within 24 hours if they are adequately staffed with skilled radiologists.

We know waiting for the results of your scan can make you anxious and our goal is to provide our patients with accurate results as quickly as possible. If you have any concerns please ask us for a tentative schedule of when your results will be ready.

5. Imaging Centers Offer Better Parking Options

Imaging centers are typically separate from hospitals and do not have large parking garages to deal with. At SUMA, we offer free, front door parking at our outpatient imaging center in Golden Valley, MN.

6. Setting Foot in a Hospital Can Cause Fear or Anxiety

Fear of hospitals is a fairly common phobia. Stand-alone imaging centers can be much more inviting and comforting than a typical hospital setting.

7. Outpatient MRI Facilities Accept Private Insurance Plans

Like most hospitals, outpatient imaging centers accept health insurance. However, because costs at hospitals are so much higher, it is worthwhile to ask if your insurance is accepted when considering an MRI at a non-hospital facility.

8. Imaging Centers Often Have Higher Quality MRI Machines

Providing patients with high-quality imaging is our goal at SUMA. Our stand-up MRI allows you to get in the position of pain so our radiologists, and your doctor, can see your injury more clearly in your scan. Our advanced technology, certified radiologists and technologists mean you are receiving the best in medical imaging.

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