Advantages of Using a Stand up MRI Scanner

5 advantages of using a stand-up MRI scanner

Millions of MRI scans are ordered in the US every year, which points to high demand for this type of imaging technique. While the standard in the industry is the traditional closed, lay-down MRI, it can cause discomfort for many patients.

An excellent alternative to the traditional MRI machine is a stand-up MRI scanner. Below are 5 advantages of getting a stand-up MRI scan to diagnose your injury.

1. Get Freedom of Movement

By design, stand-up MRI scanners allow for better positioning of patients. While at one time the only choice was lying down for scans, patients can now choose between sitting, standing, bending, or lying down.

Not only does this allow patients to feel more comfortable, but this also offers health care professionals optimal positions for MRI scanning so they can make more accurate diagnoses.

2. It’s Open and Not Restricting

Being in the hospital can already be intimidating for patients. They know something’s wrong and may potentially hear even worse news after they’ve been through their scans.

For many patients, getting an MRI in a traditional machine can be an anxiety-inducing experience, even if they’re not claustrophobic. An upright MRI means it’s an open MRI; patients will feel much more comfortable with this type of scan. This can help inpatient care and alleviate any stress they may have surrounding this exam.

In addition, the open design of the stand-up MRI can accommodate larger patients who simply could not fit in a traditional MRI scanner.

3. Get Better Results

Since stand-up MRI machines use multi-positioning imaging, the patient can place themselves in a position that generates pain, allowing us to acquire images in that very position. Better image results showing injuries under load-bearing weight can lead to improved patient surgical outcomes.

MRI scanners require the patient to lie as still as possible to get clear images. If they move for any reason during the scan, they may have to go through the procedure again to get clearer images.

4. Patients Have Better Experiences

Instead of having to lie down in a narrow tunnel, trying not to move for a period of time, patients can enjoy a more pleasant experience with a stand-up MRI. The radiologist chooses which position they want the scanning to be done in, including in a position of pain so the MRI scan can show the actual injury, and the patient can even watch TV while the scanning occurs.

Get a Stand-Up MRI Scan Today

As you can see, a stand-up MRI scan is highly beneficial to patients. If you’d like to hear more about stand-up MRIs, contact us today.

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