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I have extensive professional experience in the Insurance Industry, as an expert consultant on insurance claim handling issues, and as a speaker for Trial Lawyers’ Associations and Medical Associations. As owner of Sequoia Visions, Inc., I have designed and created innovative software for the Legal and Medical Communities to address the ongoing changes and demands of the Insurance Industry. I have lectured at numerous workshops and seminars in the following areas: Claim Evaluation and Negotiation, Medical Claim Documentation and Presentation, General Claim Processing and Handling.

I have specific knowledge of Insurance Industry processes, procedures, manuals, memos, literature, claim handling practices, advertisements, electronic systems, computer maintained data, computer retrieval reporting, personnel guides, training guides and literature, trial defenses and discovery preparation.

I have assisted in the discovery process for law firms dealing with issues of bad faith, extra-contractual and consumer violation lawsuits. This is due to my extensive experience in varied positions in the insurance industry as well as management positions while employed with State Farm and ongoing review of insurance procedures, processes, literature and claim files in my capacity as a consultant.


CREATED, DEVELOPED AND IMPLEMENTED a program concept designed to solve two major problems, service to customers and the relative costs. Presented findings and the complete plans for a centralized department designed to improve service, decrease cost per claim, cost of handling and reserves cost. The result was a charter to implement the plan.

EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL as an insurance company representative speaking to internal departments, individual members and groups in the medical and legal communities. In this position I was designated company expert and administrator in suits against the company including class action litigation involving first party benefits within the state of Washington.

HIRED, TRAINED and MANAGED a new department of 5 supervisors, 5 attorney negotiators, 22 medical claim examiners and 12 support personnel. As a result, this new cohesive and efficient department was able to successfully process approximately 15,000 claims annually and over 1,500 pieces of mail daily. Previous positions as superintendent in casualty and property also required I hire and train personnel in those areas, including third party claims, UIM and UM claims, first party property claims, estimators and field inspectors.

CONCEPTUALIZED, ORGANIZED and AUTHORED an operational guide for an innovative department consisting of new and creative processes, procedures and formats. This expanded my responsibility to provide continual internal auditing and external troubleshooting combined with published instructional articles and motivational seminars.


Mathis Insurance Consulting, Inc. Owner and President
Sequoia Visions, Inc. Owner and President
National Claims Services, Inc. Owner and President
Allstate Insurance Senior Staff Adjuster Litigation and Attorney Negotiator
State Farm Insurance Superintendent, Consolidated Claims
Superintendent, Metro Property, Casualty and Litigation
Resident Superintendent, Casualty and Property
Claim Representative, Life, Casualty and Property
University of Oregon Research Assistant
Mathis Farms Owner/Operator


Bachelor Degree University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Associate of Arts Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
AIC Insurance Institute of America
Two Parts CPCU Insurance Institute of America
ICAR certified (all parts) ICAR
State Farm
Negotiation Skills for the Claims Professional (Certified) State Farm Insurance Company
Superintendent School State Farm Insurance Company
Casualty Supervision State Farm Insurance Company
Property Supervision State Farm Insurance Company
Management (Parts I, II, III) State Farm Insurance Company
Claims School State Farm Insurance Company
BCC (Parts I, II, III, IV) State Farm Insurance Company
Bodily Injury School State Farm Insurance Company
Negotiation Skills for the Claims Professional Facilitator State Farm Insurance Company
Personnel Management School State Farm Insurance Company
CCPR Workshops and Training Allstate Insurance Company
MBRS Workshops and Training Allstate Insurance Company
Casualty Skills Workshop Allstate Insurance Company
P-CCSO Workshops and Training Allstate Insurance Company
MIST Workshops and Training Allstate Insurance Company
Colossus and Evaluation Training Allstate Insurance Company
Claim Portfolio Workshops and Training Allstate Insurance Company
Liability Investigation Matrix Workshop Allstate Insurance Company
Damage Investigation Matrix Workshop Allstate Insurance Company
MIST Investigation Matrix Workshop Allstate Insurance Company
CDS Best Practices Training Allstate Insurance Company
Claim Performance Measurement System Allstate Insurance Company
Allstate Profit Sharing Enhancement Allstate Insurance Company


I have been retained as an expert and consultant throughout the country to review the uniform claim handling practices and procedures of the Insurance Industry. I am paid $300.00 per hour as a consultant and $100.00 per hour for travel time not including costs. I am paid $300.00 per hour for deposition and testimony with an additional one-time charge of $500.00 if the deposition is video-taped. This has resulted in my review of more than 7,500 insurance claim files. I have testified in the following lawsuits during the last four years,

I have been deposed in class action lawsuits in the state of Washington, Crannell vs. State Farm, Van Noy vs. State Farm and Sitton vs. State Farm, in Nebraska, Lynch vs. State Farm and in Arizona, Skene vs. State Farm. I have also offered an expert opinion and/or been deposed in the following individual lawsuits:

Prior to those lawsuits, I was designated as a company representative by State Farm in the class action, Cranell v. State Farm, Washington and testified on behalf of State Farm in single lawsuits brought against them by their insureds. I am sought as a speaker, nationally and internationally, at workshops, seminars and educational forums. At these functions, I have lectured and provided written material which the attendees received either CLE or CME credits. The following is a listing of these functions and publications:

I have been interviewed and quoted or video-taped for production of articles on the Insurance Industry in the following media venues: