What is Positional MRI?

The Positional MRI (or Open MRI) allows for all parts of the body to be scanned in a weight-bearing state which maximizes the probability of finding a problem. Also called Upright MRI or Stand-Up MRI, Positional MRIs differ from traditional lay-down MRIs in several ways:

  Positional MRI Traditional MRI
Scan positions Several Lay down only
Weight restrictions None Patient size and weight limited
Claustrophobic No Yes
Drugs sometimes needed No Yes

Better Imaging with Positional MRI

The Positional MRI allows us to move the patient's area of pain to the center of the magnet and also allows the patient to recreate a certain position or motion (e.g., flexion, extension, rotation or lateral bending) that is causing pain. It can also be used for patients with heart and lung conditions who are unable to tolerate lying down. All of these factors result in better imaging and a greater chance of finding the problem.

FONAR Scientific Papers

Several scientific papers recently published in international radiology journals demonstrate the clinical benefits of the FONAR 0.6T Upright MRI.:

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