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What is Stand Up MRI?

The revolutionary stand-up MRI is the only MRI scanner that can scan patients in any position, including sitting, standing, bending, in addition to lying down.

Multi-position MRI imaging is made possible by the scanner’s unique magnet configuration. With the opposing magnetic poles oriented vertically, the open space between them accommodates a special motorized bed that can rotate the patient from recumbent to upright positions. Consequently, stand-up MRI maximizes the probability of finding a problem which may not be seen in a traditional lay-down MRI.

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Stand Up MRI vs Traditional MRI

Stand-up MRI, also referred to as positional MRI, differs from traditional lay-down MRI in several ways:

Weight restrictions

Positional MRI:

Traditional MRI:
Patient size and weight limited

Scan positions

Positional MRI:

Traditional MRI:
Lay down only


Positional MRI:

Traditional MRI:

Drugs Needed

Positional MRI:

Traditional MRI:

MRI scan results

Better Imaging with Stand-Up MRI

The Stand-Up MRI allows us to move the patient’s area of pain to the center of the magnet. In addition, it allows the patient to recreate a certain position or motion (e.g., flexion, extension, rotation or lateral bending) that is causing pain. It can also be used for patients with heart and lung conditions who are unable to tolerate lying down. All of these factors result in better imaging and a greater chance of finding the problem.

FONAR Scientific Papers

Several scientific papers published in international radiology journals demonstrate the clinical benefits of the FONAR 0.6T Upright MRI.

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Stand Up MRI Cost

We believe the cost of an MRI should not break the bank. Accordingly, we offer an affordable MRI price for individuals in need of stand up MRI services. We understand that increasing healthcare costs affect patients with high insurance deductibles, as well as those without insurance. Above all, it is our goal to offer affordable, quality MRI services to everyone.

It’s imperative to get the best MRI to show all of the findings to assure you get the proper treatment and the settlement you deserve.

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Stand Up MRI Reviews

Stand Up MRI Information

Weight-bearing or open upright MRI and kMRI with flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending of the spine has been compared to recumbent MRI (rMRI). Initial reports demonstrated exaggeration of disc bulges, disc protrusions, disc herniation, central canal stenosis, neural foraminal stenosis and lateral recess stenosis. In some cases, false-negative disc herniations on rMRI have been discovered during upright or kinematic MRI. Under optimal conditions, a specific imaging abnormality may be correlated with a specific posture or kinematic maneuver that reproduces the clinical syndrome.

Yochum and Rowe's Essentials of Skeletal RadiologyEssentials of Skeletal Radiology
Terry R. Yochum & Lindsay J. Rowe
Current Definitive Information on Standup / Stand-Up MRI vs. Traditional Recumbent MRI.

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Stand-Up MRI Patient Positions

Standup MRI is the ONLY MRI that can scan in virtually any position in which you feel pain. Therefore, the machine and your doctor can see what’s causing it.

Lumbar seated neutral
Lumbar Neutral
Lumbar upright extension
Lumbar Extension
Stand-up MRI scan with lumbar flexion
Lumbar Flexion
Cervical with support
Cervical Sitting
Shoulder scan
Knee pain scan
Abdomen seated MRI scan
Weight-bearing ankle MRI scan
Weight-bearing ankle
Brain scan seated MRI
Cervical extension seated MRI scan
Cervical Extension
Stand up MRI lateral bend
Lateral Bend
Lumbar upright lateral bend
Lumbar Lateral Bend

The Proof is in the Picture

The doctors of SUMA MRI have helped many Midwest stand-up MRI patients find injuries that traditional lay-down MRI scanners can miss. See for yourself – the proof is in the picture.

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