What is an Open Upright MRI?

The revolutionary design of the FONAR Upright® MRI scanner allows patients to walk in for their scans and all parts of the body, the spine and joints in particular, can be imaged in the exact weight-bearing position of pain. For patients whose back or joint pain improves or disappears when lying down, traditional lay-down MRI may prove inconclusive. Upright MRI can detect problems a traditional MRI may miss, due to a more comprehensive diagnosis from weight-bearing multi-positional scanning.

Fonar Upright MRI

Upright MRI vs Closed MRI

Unlike the familiar traditional closed MRI scanners which require a patient to be scanned in a narrow, enclosed tunnel, Open Upright MRI, commonly referred to as Stand-Up MRI, allows a patient to sit, stand, bend, or even lay down for their scans.

There are several other key differences between Open MRI and Closed MRI:

Woman seated in open MRI
Open Upright MRI
Traditional MRI
Closed MRI
Woman seated in open upright MRI
Open Upright MRI
Traditional MRI
Closed MRI
Weight Restrictions Open MRI: None Closed MRI: Patient size and weight limited
Scan Positions Open MRI: Several, including weight-bearing position of pain Closed MRI: Lay-down only
Claustrophobic Open MRI: No Closed MRI: Yes
Drugs Needed Open MRI: No Closed MRI: Yes

Upright MRI scanners are ideal for claustrophobic patients, those who are unable to lay flat for extended periods of time, and those who cannot fit comfortably into a traditional closed MRI scanner due to size.

How Much Does an Open Upright MRI Cost?

We believe the cost of an Upright MRI should not break the bank and understand that rising healthcare costs affect patients with and without insurance. In addition to accepting all insurance, we offer a low MRI cash price.

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SUMA MRI provides Open Upright MRI services to patients all over Minnesota and the Midwest. Read our frequently asked questions about MRI to find out more about our services.

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